Couple Seduces Barely Legal Teen Kinzy Jo

May 24th, 2006
Even though Joe and Veronica could still be considered newylweds, the married couple still loves to have the occasional threesome. Veronica has always been bisexual and she loves having another girl in bed with them, especially a sexy barely legal teen. The couple has found that the babysitter approach works quite well for finding new girls to seduce. Kinzy Jo was looking for some cash and Joe and Veronica thought this petite blond teen would be perfect girl to seduce into having sex. They invited Kinzy Jo over for an interview and right away the teen suspected something was up.

Joe was copping a feel while his wife was in the other room. When she came back, the couple explained to Kinzy that they have a very open sexual relationship and before she knew it, Kinzy Jo was seduced into having a ménage à trois with this horny couple. You’d never know it was her first threesome as Kinzy and Veronica took turns sucking and riding Joe’s cock. It was obviously the best babysitting gig Kinzy’s ever had and she told the couple she’s available any time. Maybe Joe and Veronica should get to work on having that baby! Download the free video clip of this sexy couple seducing Kinzy at Couples Seduce Teens or join right now and download the full length movie from our member’s area!

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Married Couple Seduce Teen: Victoria

May 22nd, 2006
Frank and Lauren have been on quite a roll lately. For a married couple who seduce teen girls to spice up their lovelife, you’d think they’d hit a dry spell once in a while. Somehow this horny couple always manages to find a sexy barely legal teen to seduce into a threesome. Frank and Lauren are used to finding these girls at the mall or the local college campus so imagine their surprise when the couple found Victoria at church! Victoria was recruiting people to help out with the upcoming church social and Lauren offered to bake something. She invitied Victoria back to the house to help her make some cookies and the teen was happy to help.

The only baking that went on back at the house was in the bedroom as Lauren and Frank seduced Victoria into her first threeway sex. Knowing Frank and Lauren mainly from church, Victoria never suspected they had such a kinky sexual relationship, especially one in which the couple seduced barely legal teens into having sex! Victoria said she’d never been with a woman but you’d never know it by the way she went down on Lauren’s pussy. The sexy couple gave Victoria the night of her life and opened her eyes to just how incredible sex can be with two other people. It’s safe to say that Victoria will be visiting the couple more often to help Lauren with her “baking”. You can download Victoria’s sample video clip from Couples Seduce Teens or join today and download the full length movie from our member’s area!

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Couple Seduce Teen: Sonia Lopez

May 20th, 2006
It’s been a while since we last visited Micky and Rachel. The last time we saw this married couple seduce a teen it was Alexa, that cute short haired blonde teen from the nail salon. Things were getting stale in the bedroom so Micky and Rachel decided it was time to seduce another barely legal teen into a threesome. The couple barely got out of the neighborhood when they noticed Sonia Lopez walking all by herself. Rachel and Micky thought this cute barely legal latina would be a welcome addition to their bedroom. It was time to pour on the charm in an effort to seduce this neighborhood hotty. Sonia warmed up to the couple very quickly as Rachel just has a way with girls. They offered Sonia a ride home and she accepted. The barely legal latina had no idea the couple was about to make a detour through their bedroom for some hot threeway sex.

Sonia isn’t exactly known as an angel around town and she likes older men so the couple didn’t have any problems seducing her into a threesome. Sonia and Rachel took turns sucking on Micky’s cock and then Sonia went down on Rachel while she got her sweet latina pussy pounded from behind. Micky must have felt like the luckiest guy in the world. A sexy latina teen and a hot blonde MILF both in the same bed, what a score! Check out the sample pics below. You can also download the free video clip of Sonia Lopez in her first threesome from the Couples Seduce Teens guest area or join today and download Sonia’s full length video from our member’s area!

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Couples Seduce Teens: Mandy

May 17th, 2006
There are at least a few “givens” when it comes to finding hot barely legal teens. One is that you can always count on seeing them in the clothing stores and fashion boutiques. Our regular visitors know that seducing teens is old hat for Ethan and Lexi so that’s normally one of the first places they go when the couple is in the mood for a threesome. Lexi has a knack for spotting these barely legal babes, even through 5 rows of clothing racks. When she saw Mandy looking for an outfit, Lexi hit her up for some fashion advice. Mandy was very friendly and more than happy to help.

After the two of them picked out a bunch of clothes for Lexi, Mandy even went so far as to go home with the couple to help Lexi put a couple outfits together from what she purchased. As they say, hook, line and sinker! What started out as a MILF makeover for Lexi’s wardrobe turned into a steamy threesome on the couch. It’s not every day you go to the clothes store only to end up being seduced by a horny couple into some hot threeway sex but it sure beats the hell out of a shoe sale! Check out the free video clip of this sexy couple seducing Mandy into her first threesome at Couples Seduce Teens or join today and download Mandy’s full length movie from the member’s area!

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